Monday, February 10, 2014

What else do you need to know about the Body Wrap?

The ultimate body applicator or body wraps are known to tighten, tone and firm a sagging and slackening skin. It also helps in minimizing the appearance of cellulite and improving the texture of the skin. It helps in revealing a better and youthful looking skin. This is because the body wraps are made with active and natural ingredients that are known good for the skin. These active agents are popularly known as herbal medicines in treating different skin problems. 

However, through the efforts of Dr. Don VerHulst and state of the art technology, it has been made as a botanical formula and infused in the body wrap. However, despite the popularity of the use of body wrap in eliminating excess and hanging skin, there are some things it can't do.

The body wraps promise to tighten, tone and firm a sagging and slackening skin but it doesn't want you to expect weight loss. It is not designed for weight loss. The truth is the body wrap is most beneficial after you have lost a tremendous amount of weight. A sagging and slackening is caused by abrupt losing/gaining of weight. This is because the skin cannot conform to your new shape after it has been extensively stretched to accommodate a bulging stomach. That's why most of the problematic part is your belly fat which is actually not really a fat but a layer of sluggish skin.

Aside from the fact that body wraps are not designed for weight loss, here are some myths about it. Through busting these misconceptions, you will know what to expect and how it really works.

  1. Does it shrink fat cells? No. The body wraps don't have this capability. The truth is when you apply the body wrap, you have to eat a balanced diet because eating fatty and salty foods will encourage the toxins back to your skin. Hence, you will need to stop smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverage. These are the major culprits for the onset of premature skin aging. 
  2. Does it replace exercise? The body wrap is known to be efficient because you don't have to go to a spa center for it. However, it doesn't mean you will stop from exercising. It is recommended that you must maintain a regular exercise to ensure a good flow of blood.
  3. Will everybody see the effects on their first application? Though it is promoted that the wraps can provide immediate effects in as little as 45 minutes, some people simply have dry and thick skin layers. It means that the ingredients of the wrap can't easily get through your skin and the results may not be seen in the first application. However, on your third, fourth and many more applications, you can definitely see the difference. You just need to keep your records from the day you have started applying the body wrap.
  4. Is it a one shot solution? No. Unlike plastic surgery, it provides progressive results that can get better and better every time you apply it. You can use it once in 72 hours until you achieve your desired results. Then, you can use it once a month for maintenance.
These are some of the things you have to know about the body wraps. Hope you will have a clear expectation about it. 


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