Thursday, August 22, 2013

Body Wraps: An Overview

There are over hundreds of treatments and supplements that are designed to beautify and make the body a bit healthier by detoxifying it. They may take the form of salon treatments, pills and soft gels, beverages and soaps. However, there are several stories that popped out about some of these being ineffective and inherently dangerous. Some have been proven to have harmful side effects that are damaging to the internal organs. So, with that said, can you name a product that can help you attain that supple and beautiful skin and achieve that healthy look while feeling great about yourself? If you can’t then you obviously have not heard of Body Wraps.

Body Wraps  were originally bandages or plastic that were wrapped around a certain body part (like the waist) designed to make the user lose weight quickly through vasodilation. You can still find these kinds of treatments in some salons designed to cut inches temporarily. Currently however, body wraps have evolved into a body mask or cream with natural ingredients like herbs, seaweed, algae and mud designed to make the user lose weight and detoxify the skin on the area where it was applied. The product then usually stays for at least 20 to 30 minutes. It keeps you rather warm and sweaty, which will help out in both the detoxifying and slimming process. After which, the product is then rinsed off and voila, you will be able to see instant results. But that does not end there, you have to apply a lotion after the whole process.

Body Wraps have a ton of benefits that could surely help you out in more ways than one. First off, the wrap is able to vasodilate the area where it is applied, meaning, it can make the body lose weight by sweating it off. It is also able to detoxify the skin by introducing the nutrients found in it. Remember, body wraps are made of natural substances (like the ones mentioned above) with no chemical components, guaranteeing that the materials used are good for the body. With this, the skin will appear to be firmer and more supple and will surely feel a lot smoother. It is also known to remove traces of unwanted scars and marks on the skin such as stretch marks. 

Some of the specific ingredients of body wraps include Green tea, which is known to be very healthy. It has a lot of detoxifying and cleansing properties. They are also proven to have anti-cancer properties, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Horsetail extract and Ivy Leaf extract. The herbal composition of the body wraps are very formidable and will definitely benefit your skin inside and out. However, even before thinking of using this product, try to see if you are compatible with the product and if it would not have an adverse effect on your health. For example, you may be allergic to some of the products and may cause you to experience extreme discomfort. Rashes and other various skin complications may develop. Also remember to only avail this through the hands of trusted distributors nationwide.


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