Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Body Wrap Ingredient I: The Green Tea Extract

The body wraps contain a lot of active and natural ingredients which are proven to be good for the skin. Aside from leaving a smooth and soft skin, you are also being protected from other external hazards. One of the body wrap ingredients is the green tea extract from the leaf of camellia sinensis. You may have heard it as a tea that you drink of every morning to set your mood, relax and feel refreshed. However, the chilling effect of the extract isn't just found in a cup of tea because it provides more benefit to your skin.  

Your journey towards understanding the secrets of the body wrap will start with the green tea extract. 

Benefits of the Green Tea Extract

  • Boost Osmosis- it is a process of a liquid passing through the wall of a living cell. Green tea extracts boost osmosis that will increase the rate of cell regeneration. It will result in new and healthy skin cells. These are skin cells that are not damaged by any external hazards especially sun's UV rays. 
  • Contain anti-oxidants- these are elements that fight oxidative stress that activates free radicals which also causes fast aging. Green tea extracts contain Epigallocatechin galate (EGCG), an antioxidant believed to be 200 times stronger than Vitamin E.  When free radicals are neutralized, your skin fights aging. It also functions as an anti-skin cancer agents. It will turn back the hands of time, de-stress you and enlighten your day. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties- the major cause of stretch marks in your skin is inflammation. Broken and fine lines are the result of breakage in the collagen of the cells that lie beneath the surface of the skin. Green tea extract in slimming body wraps suppress this inflammation and prevent collagen from further damages. It will result in a tight, tone and firm skin.
  • Protects your skin from sun damage- green tea extract found in a do it yourself body wraps are also present in other topical products. Aside from protecting the skin from UV rays, it also mitigates the damages done by the sun.  It is because of the flavanoids, catechols and polyphenols that limits the death of skin cells.
  • Fight acne- this is a common skin condition and very unsightly. Catechins are suppressant of acne- causing bacteria. It will help in smoothing out your skin, preventing skin breakouts and leaving it with a radiant and natural glow.  

The green tea extract is helpful to your skin. But you don't have to process it because it is infused in the ultimate body applicator. It can be easily applied and provide results in as little as 45 minutes. These simple steps are elaborated in the previous blog, The Easy Ways to Apply the Body Wrap

Do you have your body wrap kits now? Look at the ingredients infused on the wrap. You can see more of active and natural ingredients but green tea extract seemed to cover almost all aspects of protecting your skin. Other ingredients will play other purpose to ensure a tighter, toner and firmer skin. 


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